Cameron Diaz shares what it means to be a mom at 47

Motherhood is unique to every woman at every age. Many Hollywood stars became a parent at a late age, like Cameron Diaz. Her story may help the people who had doubts about getting a parent after 40.

Three years ago, Diaz and her husband became parents for the first time in their lives. Of course, this news became the cause of great discussions. Diaz gave new hope to women who refused to have children.
Despite the secrecy, it became clear from relatives that the couple had been waiting for this miracle for years.


Diaz shares, she has given more than her life to the audience and her career and now she feels that it is time to devote herself to her child and enjoy motherhood. She is happy and grateful to start a new decade with a baby.
The actress tries to enjoy every moment and just feels like she’s in heaven.

Diaz is now a proud mother.
The pressure of being a mother at 47 is still there. In an interview, Diaz told how she likes to find balance in life. She admits that many people oppositely become parents, they get married and start a family in their young family.


But the actress is doing this in the second stage of her life, however, there is some pressure, even in late motherhood.

Having a baby at this age is a choice. Which really takes a lot of work.
Diaz looks prettier and happier these days than before!

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Cameron Diaz shares what it means to be a mom at 47
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