“American Idol” judges are taken aback by a 7-year-old viral anthem powerhouse.

Malea Emma seemed charming at first, but when she opened her mouth and began singing, the judges were completely taken away.

In case you missed it, the wonderful “Star Spangled Banner,” the American National Anthem, was performed at the start of Season 17 of American Idol when it returned after a short absence. However, it was not completely anticipated that a vocalist would be picked. As judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan came to their feet and placed their hands over their hearts, a small seven-year-old child entered the stage.

Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja rose to prominence after singing the American National Anthem at a Major League Soccer game in September 2018. Malea Emma was chosen after fighting alongside hundreds of other Instagram users.

Everyone at the soccer game was taken aback by the girl’s powerful voice, which came from such a petite physique. After her presentation, Malea Emma was requested to appear on ABC World News the next day for a discussion with David Muir. As a result, On Air with Ryan Seacrest presenter Ryan Seacrest invited her to come on his radio show. Ryan also decided to call the creators of American Idol and notify them of this youngster sensation.

The organizers sent Malea Emma and her family to Idaho for the American Idol premiere episode audition for the jurors. The jurors thought the young girl was beautiful, but they were utterly taken away when she opened her mouth and began singing the National Anthem. The judges’ lips dropped to the floor when the diminutive performer’s confident, wonderful voice roared forth.

Malea Emma, dressed in a charming flowery dress and a pink shirt, stood firmly in before everyone, and it was clear that this wasn’t her first moment singing in front of an audience. She sang out the challenging song, even hitting the high notes at the end. Malea Emma, among other children her age, had excellent pitch and great command over her voice. She also added an unique ending and some amazing soprano chords to the well tune.

Luke Bryan, the judge, said, “A seven-year-old is outsinging us.” The jurors were so ecstatic that they handed the youngster a Golden Ticket, which would transport her immediately to Hollywood in 2027, given that the minimal entry limit for American Idol is fifteen.

Malea Emma, who is just seven years old, is on course to develop into an incredibly talented singer and already has a Golden Ticket in her pocket. Without a doubt, this girl was meant to sing!

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