J. Lo attends the Pop Music Awards with a modest leotard and translucent miniskirt. This is how it appeared!

During the pop music awards, J. Lo is spotted sporting a protective leather jacket and a transparent miniskirt.

She displayed her amazing physique in a sexy, brilliant green attire while receiving the «Bios» medal at the CCM Awards Ceremony on Monday.

Becoming more eco-friendly is easy when you’re here! The singer, who is already older than most, impressed at the MTV Awards Event on Monday in a daring almond-shaped leotard and a translucent skirt with a long sleeve concealing her left arm. She was given the “Hot” award.

The Hustlers actress flaunted the look, and it was clear she was thrilled! Her effect on modern media, perseverance, and continuous significance as a tour and radio presence with a devoted worldwide fan base were highlighted in the award. J. Lois’s 2006 single “Get Up” has some of the most beautiful guests ever.

She is a strong supporter of both deeper styles and reduced emissions! The singer remembered the notorious Gucci dress she wore to the 2000 Music Awards, which plunged to the navel, when Versace introduced the program.

She strolled down the runway at the event while fitting in well with the wild, flowing dress, proving she was one hot mama in excellent condition.

Because it exposed so much flesh the first time around (famously began to emerge in photos), the costume garnered a lot of attention, and it didn’t disappoint in 2019 either!

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