Got fat and stopped taking care of herself. What the most beautiful blonde of the ’90s looks like now

Alicia Silverstone, the iconic blonde beauty of the 90s, may have faded from the limelight in recent years, prompting some to forget her existence altogether. However, the enigmatic actress has resurfaced through a few rare snapshots captured by the ever-watchful paparazzi. These glimpses into her current appearance have sparked a whirlwind of emotions and opinions online.
“I’m finding it hard to accept,” lamented one observer, grappling with the passage of time. “How is it possible for someone to change so much?” Another echoed the sentiment, exclaiming, “Time, you’re playing tricks on us again!”
Just a year ago, Alicia seemed to maintain a sense of normalcy and even landed a few minor roles, leaving her fans puzzled by her current transformation.

Amid the online discussions, nostalgia swept through the comments section as people reminisced about their teenage crushes on Alicia. “Back in the 90s, she was the ultimate heartthrob,” declared one admirer. However, not everyone shared the sentiment, with a dissenting voice opining, “I never thought she was particularly stunning. She was just another pretty face. Everyone looks good when they’re young.”

As Alicia Silverstone continues to maintain a low profile and her image continues to evolve, these rare photographs have provoked a mixture of surprise, nostalgia, and varying opinions. It is a reminder that time spares no one and that beauty, like everything else, undergoes its own evolution.

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